E-mail Benchmark 2018
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Important conclusions 2018

It's finally here! We proudly present the E-mail Benchmark 2018! The 15th edition of the E-mail Benchmark is packed with figures and e-mail ratios obtained from more than 3.5 billion e-mails and over 14,000 campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

... is the greatest challenge for 2018. Use the e-mailmarketing software Clang to make Marketing automation quick and easy.

Click Ratio

Click Ratio

... is the most used tool to measure the success of an e-mail.



... has become a significant challenge.

Mobiel vs Desktop


... again has more opens and clicks compared to desktop.

  • 3500000000

    E-mails send

  • 14000

    Active e-mail campaigns

  • 750

    Online players

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